Google to cut $1bn from servers

The internet giant has announced plans to cut up to $1.5bn from its internet infrastructure in Australia.

In a blog post published on Monday, Google said it would cut the number of its servers in Australia by about 90% and its infrastructure in the US by about 30%.

“We are building a better world with the help of a dedicated team, and this is where we’re cutting our losses,” said the company in the post.

“We know that with a dedicated, dedicated and dedicated team working on these projects, we can deliver great results.”

In a statement, Google’s global operations chief, Brian Shih, said the cuts were aimed at helping the company avoid duplication and cost overruns.

“Our biggest challenge is managing the massive amount of information and data we’re storing on these servers,” Mr Shih said.

“This is why we have dedicated, data-intensive teams working on new technologies that help us improve our customer experience.”

Google’s work is driven by the need to make the internet faster and more reliable for all our customers.

“Google said the data it was storing in Australia was stored in the cloud, so it was not affected by the cuts.

Mr Shih told ABC News Breakfast that the company would continue to improve its services in Australia and beyond.”

It’s going to be a great, great year for us,” he said.

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