Why You Might Want to Play Minecraft with an Ethernet Connection

I was going to use an Ethernet connection to connect my router to mineplex.

I didn’t want to go through that trouble.

The internet is not a safe place for someone with a virus or something.

But after my friend started playing Minecraft, he was infected and I started experiencing network issues.

The server was having problems connecting to me and the server seemed to be losing connection to me as well.

After I disconnected, it didn’t restart, so I restarted and it started working again.

After that, the network issue went away and the Minecraft server was running normally again.

That was my first experience with Minecraft running on an Ethernet cable.

If you are considering purchasing a new router, it’s important to check if you are able to connect to the internet.

If your router is able to reach Minecraft servers, then it’s time to go for it.

Read on to find out if your router supports Ethernet.

I hope you found this article helpful.

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