How to set up your ark 2 server on Windows 10 (and macOS)

A lot of you are asking how to set this up on Windows.

The answer is simple, just follow the steps below.

Here’s how to install Windows Server 2016 and Windows Server 2017.

We’ll also cover setting up and using the macOS Server Manager.

First, you’ll need to know where to find your arks installation directory.

Go to Control Panel > Server Manager > Windows Server.

Right click on your arK installation and choose Properties.

On the General tab, click Manage and Security > Windows Features.

On your right side, click the Windows Features tab.

Under Server Features, click Advanced Server Settings.

The server is now setup for Windows Server and the default OS.

Right-click the server and choose Add, then click Server.

In the Add server wizard, make sure that Windows Server is the only server on the list of servers you want to install.

Right now you’ll be presented with two options: install Windows 10 for all your servers, or install Windows 7 for your servers.

The choice is yours.

Right next to the server you want, click Next.

This will install the Windows Server package on your computer, and when finished, it will reboot your computer and install the packages.

You can now restart your computer.

To run the server, right-click on your server and select Server Manager from the menu bar.

Next, go to Server Manager, and in the Actions pane, click Start Server.

If your server is in an Active Directory Domain, this will start a Windows PowerShell session and run it.

You may also choose to restart the server manually.

If you are using a Domain Controller, click Restart Server to restart your server.

The Server Manager will also restart the Windows PowerShell process.

To exit Server Manager and reboot your server, click Quit Server Manager to shut down your computer from the Windows Powershell session.

After a while, the server will reboot.

To restart your arck, you will need to restart Windows Server, and then run the Start-Ark cmdlet to start the server.

Now, you can install your arktools packages on Windows Server by typing the following command: cd ~ cd ark && ark install packages On your local computer, install arktool on the ark.

Run the arktokit command and type the following: ark -l -v install ark-plugins ark:0.1.5-0ubuntu1:amd64 ark :1.0.3-0.2ubuntu1.1-1ubuntu1 ark_test_test:0ubuntu3 ark2:0:0-1.4.1 arktops-0:1.2.2-0 ubuntu arktest-0_0:2.1ubuntu0.7.4-1 arck-server-server0_1:0_2 arktopts-0-2.0-0~0ubuntu2.8-0 ark0-client-client0:13.0ubuntu0ubuntu8.10-2 arkserver-client1-client:0~4ubuntu3.2 arkserver-server1-server:0 ubusktop-common-client_0_6ubuntu0:3.1_1ubuntu6 arkcore-plugins-client5_0ubuntu6.2_2.04.1:1ubuntu7.2 kyber-client2-client3_1_0.10ubuntu2:1 ubuntu8.04_1-0 amd64 arktos-client4_0-3ubuntu2 arkit-client6_1.02.0_3.0:9ubuntu1ubuntu3 kyperf-client9_0~1ubuntu4.5:1 [email protected] amd64

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