ESPN’s Jeff Goodman says he thinks the Boston Celtics are a top-five team heading into the 2017 NBA Playoffs

ESPN’s Jeffrey Goodman has an idea about what the Boston Bruins’ playoff push might look like: a Top 5.

If you want to know who the Boston Globe’s Jeff Greenfield and Kevin Pelton rank as the top-ranked teams heading into this year’s NBA playoffs, it might be hard to tell the difference between them.

They’re both highly regarded journalists.

Greenfield is the sports editor for the Boston Herald.

Pelton is a Globe columnist.

And their work is often discussed on the sports talk radio shows and on the ESPN radio network.

Greenfields article last week, titled “The Top 5: The Boston Celtics and Celtics Fans,” had the following headline: “The Celtics are the best team in basketball.”

It was an accurate description of what the Celtics had done in the first three games of the 2017 season.

But Greenfield said in an interview last week that he thinks there’s another reason the Celtics might be the best of all time.

“I think that the best teams tend to have the best fans,” Greenfield told ESPN.

“It’s a lot easier to watch a basketball game than it is to listen to an NBA game.”

The Celtics’ fans are also known for being incredibly loud, loud, and loud.

They don’t even need to be told to be louder or louder.

You can hear them cheering when they see a missed shot or a missed basket, Greenfield says.

In the Boston-area, that’s why it’s such a shock when you get an ESPN or ESPN2 package, which is why Greenfield thinks it’s unlikely that the Celtics will have fans that are louder than the average NBA fan.

“There’s a certain level of noise that is just too loud for the average fan, but not too loud that they can’t hear it,” Greenfields said.

“The fans, they’re not just loud.

There’s an intensity level that they’re willing to go to extreme levels to see their favorite player play, to see a play on television that they would never be able to see.”

That intensity level, Greenfields says, is where the Celtics’ fan base has gotten a lot of their momentum.

“People who are like, ‘Oh, I love these Celtics,’ the Celtics fans, ‘I love the Celtics.

I love the fans.

I’m just excited to see them play again,’ it’s like, well, you know, I can’t do anything about that.

I can only watch,” Greenfords said.

“I’m not going to go out and buy tickets.”

The Boston Celtics had fans that were louder than average fans in the 2017-18 regular season. 

Jeff Greenfield is a Boston Herald sports editor.

Kevin Pelton writes for the Globe.

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