Which Xbox game is best for gamers who don’t want to deal with pesky mail servers?

Microsoft is looking to the Xbox One to solve a problem it sees as one of its own making.

The company says it’s working on an AirServ app that would make it easier for gamers to manage their Xbox Live subscription.

In an update to its Xbox Wire, Microsoft said the app would let users make their Xbox One consoles more like home servers.

The app would use Xbox One’s Air protocol to communicate with its users, which would allow it to monitor their console activity.

This would be akin to the way that users of Xbox Live have access to their friends list, or to the network of third-party apps they can connect to, such as Hulu.

But the AirServ concept is new to Microsoft.

Xbox Wire explained how it works in this way:”The AirServ service is an experimental protocol that lets users connect their Xbox console to their Windows 10 PC or Mac, and connect it to other devices such as smart TVs and monitors.

When a user connects an Xbox console, the Xbox will then send an AirCommand notification to the connected devices to let them know the console is online.”

In order to use the app, you’ll need an Xbox One with a SkyDrive account and an AirServer account.

The service is free, but you can buy a subscription to get an AirService subscription.

This is a huge change for Microsoft, which has long struggled to get its games to run on a wide range of platforms, and has struggled to create a unified gaming experience across its consoles.

The Xbox Wire article is dated September 24.

Microsoft hasn’t yet announced a release date for the AirServer app.

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