How a new app will help you stay healthy without prescription drugs

A new app designed to help you track your exercise, diet, sleep and more without medication is set to launch next month.

The app, called HealthTap, was launched by New York City-based startup Fitbit.

It has a suite of smart features that allow users to track their health, work and even save workouts for later, according to Fitbit CEO Tony Fadell.

I love that it allows me to track my activity, but it also lets me get rid of that habit, Fadeell said.

He hopes the app can help people stay healthy by helping them to take advantage of the latest smart devices, such as the iPhone and Apple Watch.

The new app is called Fitbit HealthTap.

Fitbit says it offers “the latest technology to help people keep track of their fitness, weight, sleep, weight loss and more.”

The HealthTap app includes a health bar that tracks your calories burned, steps, steps per hour, calories burned per minute, steps taken per hour and your blood sugar level.

Its smart features are designed to make it easier to monitor your health and to track progress.

For example, the app has a new feature called the “Exercise Tracker,” which lets users enter their exercise activity.

As with all Fitbit devices, the HealthTap team also offers the HealthTrack app on Android.

It is available for $2.99, which includes the HealthBar, FitTrack and HealthTracker apps.

Fitbit is the latest company to embrace the fitness-tracking market.

In September, Fitbit launched its HealthTrack 2, which is also available for Android and iOS devices.

“We are incredibly excited to partner with Fitbit to bring our latest smart health and fitness app to the market,” said Matt Buhler, a senior vice president for consumer products at Fitbit, in a statement.

Fadell said Fitbit wants to help users stay healthy.

While Fitbit’s devices are more expensive than other fitness tracking devices, it is also gaining a lot of traction, Facell said.

The company sold more than a million of its fitness trackers last year.

This year, Fitbits new fitness tracker, the Fitbit Flex, went on sale.

Fitbits newest smart fitness device, the FitnessTrac, has been available for a while.

 Fitbit recently added more than 200 million people to its fitness tracking platform.

But the company has had to adjust its product line as Fitbit has focused on its fitness and health services.

FitTech has been discontinued, and Fitbit is focused on other devices like Fitbit Ultra, FitTech Elite and Fittech Flex.

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