What’s next for roblax and skyblock?

A new version of roblx and skyblox is out.

Skyblock, a free game for iOS and Android, has been renamed to roblux and will be the new hosting service for roflox.

The developer, Maximus Games, says roblix was already the most popular mobile gaming app and that the new version is more of a continuation of that.

Maximus also announced a new website and new iOS and android games.

“The goal was to create a gaming platform for people who want to enjoy their favourite games, and for everyone who wants to play them on mobile devices,” the developer wrote.

“Skyblock has been a huge hit for us, with more than 4.5 million downloads and over 2.5 billion players.

Our community has been extremely supportive of this, with a growing number of players using the app for their daily commute.”

The app launched in the UK in December and Australia in April.

It has also launched in South Africa, Ireland, Canada, New Zealand, and Europe.

Roblox has been criticised for its lack of support for mobile gaming and a lack of games that were developed for Android and iOS.

It’s a big problem for the industry.

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