Anonymous responds to a new FBI request for information about Sara Leiter

An anonymous hacker group claims to have received a subpoena from the FBI, and says it’s now looking for information on Sara Leiters alleged “hacking” of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Anonymous’ claims come in response to a recent request by the FBI for information that could help determine if Leiter is a legitimate threat to national security.

The FBI’s investigation into Leiter has already begun, and in recent weeks, the agency has taken a number of steps to determine if she is an actual threat to the national security of the United States.

The FBI has also been looking at possible evidence of Leiter’s involvement in a number different cybersecurity breaches.

The hacker group says it has been in contact with the FBI about the request, and the FBI says it doesn’t know who the group is.

Anonymous also says it will take the FBI’s request seriously.

“We are not aware of any evidence that we have found that any federal law enforcement agency has requested that we do this,” the FBI wrote in a statement to Motherboard.

“We do not have any specific knowledge of any such request, or any evidence of it.”

“We will take these requests very seriously,” the statement continued.

“However, the FBI cannot give us any specific information about the specifics of the inquiry, or the identity of the individuals being investigated.

The FBI is not asking for information, and has not yet provided any information that would be necessary for us to act on that request.”

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