Why do we keep on waiting for the FFXIV Server Status Report?

Breitbart News is reporting that the Fax-1 server status report is finally out!

It’s a big news day, and I have a feeling it will be a long one.

The Fax1 server update is a massive milestone in FFXV server development, and it has been an enormous success.

The first Fax2 update, which was released in September, included a ton of minor bug fixes and improvements.

However, the Foxx server update, released in November, had major updates for players to enjoy.

The Fax server status update, along with its subsequent Fax3 update, was released a couple of days ago.

I will be writing a separate blog post about Fax4 and Fax5 as well, but the short version is that these two updates bring many new features, bug fixes, and other minor changes to Fax.

Fax1 was released on October 23.

It contained the biggest feature of the update: the ability to “play” FFXVI by simply holding down the F1 and F2 keys simultaneously.

This new feature is very cool, but it can be tricky to use.

When you hold the F3 key and F4 keys together, you will not be able to move around in any way.

That’s not all, however.

This feature has a bug that has been causing the Fxiv servers to crash.

This bug has been fixed, but for now, the “game over” screen is not available.

Foxx2, released on November 9, is the second major update of the Fex server.

The update contains the most major feature of this update: an all-new server.

This server is fully compatible with Fax and Fex.

The game is designed so that you can experience FFXiv with a fresh start, regardless of your level or level cap.

Fex, the server that is completely compatible with both Fax/Fex and FFXv, is also the most updated Faxserver yet. 

Fex server status updated to version 1.0.1, September 9, 2018 The Fex Server Status Update will be out tomorrow (Wednesday, September 12). 

Fox xiv server updated to Fex v1.0, September 10, 2018 Faxx1 server updated for Fex1.1 and updated for 1.2, September 15, 2018

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