Microsoft releases new SQL Server Express service

TechRadars Microsoft is rolling out new support for its SQL Server service, which offers enterprise and web-based data centers a more powerful and flexible SQL Server database.

The new SQL Azure SQL Database Service, which was first announced last week, will let customers store and retrieve large amounts of data in SQL Azure databases.

The service will be available as part of SQL Server 2017, the newest version of Microsoft’s commercial SQL Server product, which runs on Windows Server 2016 and Enterprise Server 2012.

Microsoft said in a blog post that the new SQL Service provides new features and capabilities for its customers and is the next step in delivering a modern SQL database platform that supports enterprise applications.

SQL Azure Database Service is the first of a new set of SQL Azure services that will come with the next version of SQL Studio.

The SQL Azure Service, in addition to SQL Server Enterprise, will allow customers to use SQL Azure for storage and data center applications, Microsoft said.

SQL Server Service comes with new features, such as the ability to store data in Azure SQL databases, Microsoft’s blog post said.

The Azure SQL Databases are designed to be used for database-like scenarios where they provide an additional layer of data protection and availability.

Customers will be able to store large amounts and types of data with SQL Azure Databases and will be protected against database failures, data loss, and SQL Server errors.

SQL Service is a SQL Server Azure Service offering a complete database solution for the enterprise, with the ability for businesses to deploy SQL Azure and SQL Datacenters with just a single command.

SQL Datacenter customers can leverage the Azure SQL Azure database solution to store, manage, and deploy SQL Server databases on a single platform.

Microsoft has also released SQL Azure service for Windows Azure Datacenter customers.

Windows Azure SQL Server is a full-featured SQL server solution that provides SQL Server services for enterprise and home users.

It is available for free to customers that use SQL Server 2016, Enterprise Server 2016 Enterprise Edition, or SQL Server 2013 Enterprise Edition and is part of Microsoft Azure.

Microsoft is not the first company to bring the SQL Azure data store capabilities to the cloud.

Oracle announced the same capability earlier this year.

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