An exchange server is coming to Minecraft!

Reddit /u/joeywonderland1 says he’s working on an exchange server for Minecraft, and it will be called Anthonys Minecraft Server.

It’s an invite-only server with servers in different languages, and will feature a lot of features and features, including cross-platform support.

You can sign up for the server right now and join up with friends.

This server will be hosted on GitHub, so you can easily share files between your computers.

I have the server up and running now and it is pretty stable.

I’ve gotten lots of messages and messages of encouragement from other Minecraft players who have already joined and are waiting for Anthonies Minecraft Server to launch.

It is a huge step for Minecraft.

Minecraft is still in beta, and I hope to get to beta 1.5 soon, but I’m still waiting on a developer to join the team and make Anthon.

Anthon’s Minecraft Server is available now, so head on over and join in!

If you are new to Minecraft, check out this guide for Minecraft players.

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