How to fix an Apple server problem

The server problem for Apple’s iOS and OS X servers was first reported by Ars Technica last week, and the site said Apple’s server management team is trying to fix it.

The problem involves an Apple iOS 10.4 server that was running on a production machine.

The issue has been reported to Apple by Ars users and affected all of the company’s iOS servers.

Ars wrote that users with iOS 10 or later can upgrade to iOS 11 and have a server restarted without any issues.

We can confirm the issue has affected the companys servers, but no other data was affected.

The Ars story has been updated to include comment from Apple.

The company has since responded to Ars with a statement, saying it has a “full working engineering team” working on a fix for the issue.

The new update fixes the server issue in all cases, Ars said.

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