Rockstar servers ‘on standby’ in case of outage

The Rockstar Games servers are on standby, the company said Tuesday, after a power outage knocked out internet access to many of its games.

Rockstar said that most of its servers are online and that the issue has been resolved, although it has not yet confirmed if all players will be able to access the online servers until further notice.

The outage affects the online game Rockstar Social Club, Rockstar Entertainment and Grand Theft Auto V. The online game will still be available for players to play on a dedicated servers, the Rockstar representative said.

Rockstarr said that the outage impacted more than 200 million users.

The Rockstar game servers were not affected by the outage.

Rockstars servers are used for servers for the online Grand Theft Automobiles franchise.

RockStar said that all of its online servers were operational and that Rockstar Online was working with other game providers to provide online services to its players.

Rockstar said it was working on a fix for its online service and that players should have access to their online services “as soon as possible.”

The outage affected Rockstar games, but not those on Steam, which is a platform that users download games from.

It was unclear whether Rockstar would continue to offer online services on its platforms.

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