‘Gone Home’ has been ‘rebuilt’ for Steam page on the game’s Discord server

Steam has announced it is launching a dedicated Discord server dedicated to the game Gone Home, bringing it in line with other games on the platform.

The announcement on the Steam forums said: ‘We are happy to announce that we will be building a dedicated subreddit dedicated to Gone Home on our Steam store page.’

Gone home was originally released on Steam in 2014, and the game is currently available for purchase on the app.

It was released for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android in May.’

Gonehome’ is a game that’s played on the ‘Gravity Well’ map, which has players explore a virtual space through the eyes of a disembodied head.

The developers have been working on it since 2014, with the game receiving several updates over the years.

It also includes voice-acting, physics, a multiplayer mode and more.

The game’s website currently lists it at $19.99 on Steam, and $20.99 for the PS4.

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