More than 50% of US soybean acreage is in fields, says new report

Posted November 04, 2018 08:29:50 More than half of US corn and soybean acres are in fields , according to a new report from the University of Minnesota, with farmers in the western part of the state accounting for almost half of the acreage.

The findings are based on a 2013 study of US Census Bureau data and were published in the peer-reviewed Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry.

The researchers looked at fields in which soybeans were planted and in which they had been cultivated.

The study found that fields with at least 80% of soybeans in cultivation were more than four times more likely to be soybean-producing in 2020 than those with less than 40% of the crop in cultivation. 

The study also found that farm operations tended to be larger in the state with more acres, and that those operations tended toward more expensive products and lower quality.

The authors concluded that, “the corn and Soybean Production Index is a reliable measure of corn acreage in the US, and its use can be an important tool in assessing crop quality and yields.”

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