A new way to connect to a cloud virtual machine with a server virtual machine is on the horizon: the VMware vSphere Client 5.5.1 release

VMware has been working on the VMware Virtualization Client 5 (vSphere 5.x) for several years now, but with the release of the VMware 5.6 beta last month, VMware has made a significant push to release the new client to the public.

This means that the VMware Client 5, the software that lets you connect to virtual machines from the cloud, is now available for download from VMware’s website.

VMware says the update should be available on October 28th.

This release brings with it several enhancements, including improved support for virtualization environments, and improved compatibility with VMware’s vSphere 5 management infrastructure.

VMware also says that a new security feature has been added, and that a number of fixes have been made to VMware’s client software.

What’s new in the vSphere client 5.7?


New vSphere 6 support and vSphere 7 support VMware has added support for VMware vCenter 6, and vCenter 7, both of which are used to manage and manage vSphere clusters.

vCenter6 and vCentre 7 support are both included in the 5.8 beta release.

vSphere versions 6.0 and 7.1 are supported by the new vSphere Server 5.10.

VMware notes that it will be the first time that vCenter versions 6 and 7 are both supported for a client application.


Improved security fixes VMware has also released an update that addresses several security issues.

Specifically, vSphere-5.7 has been updated to remove vCenter Server 5 security holes and has made several security improvements.

These include: • Updated the Vulnerability Information Portal (VIP) to list all known known vulnerabilities and to include CVE-2017-4304, CVE-2016-3261, CVE

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